Male Derro. His skin is white with bluish undertones. He has white tufts of hair. He seems quite amiable but underneath hides the soul of a sadistic killer.


Bupido was a male Derro found in the slave pens of Velkynvelve. He seemed to have a keen mind and once he got familiar with the group known as Frontier Sentinels, he introduced himself sometimes as a god and sometimes as the god’s arch priest. When the group of adventurers escaped Velkynvelve they left Bupiddo behind alarmed by viciousness and cunning. Buppido threw a tantrum at them and swore bloody revenge. The group faced him weeks later at the Whorlestone tunnels. Buppido sacrificed hapless victims to the derro god Diinkarazan, an avatar of murder. The group ended his reign of terror and avenged his innocent victims.


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