Eldeth Feldrun


Eldeth is a female shield dwarf. Her hair are fiery red and her eyes green. She is honorable, brave and proud of her heritage as a Battlehammer dwarf.


The scout hailing from Gauntgrym, is a high spirited and proud shield dwarf. She was captured by the Drow when she was in a scouting mission for her home kingdom. Her whole scouting party was killed and a fate of slavery awaited her until she met the group of adventurers known as Frontier Sentinels. They helped her out of prison and she chose to remain with them as a debt of honor and taking a liking for a half-elven bard, known as Filafel, a member of the group. She is a capable fighter and chooses to fight at the side of the Sentinels against every adversary. Her wish is to return to her home in Gauntlrym alive, or have her remains sent there in the case she meets honorable death in battle.

Eldeth Feldrun

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