Ilvara Mizzrym


Ilvara is a female drow and a high priestess of Lolth. She is very beautiful with long white hair and ebony skin. She wears a chain mail and wields a scourge of living tentacles.


The commander of Velkynvelve is an ambitious drow priestess looking to rise in the esteem of Lollth and her house. She considers command of a mere outpost a stepping stone in her ascension. The posting is beneath her, and she treats both it and her prisoners with
contempt. But she also knows her post is temporary, and she intends to wring every advantage from it in the mean time. A member of a drow house with a long history as
slavers. Ilvara is a cruel mistress who enjoys taunting and tormenting enemies and underlings alike. In addition to a scourge she wields a tentacle rod.

Ilvara Mizzrym

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