Price Derendil


A male Quaggoth that strangely enough seems to be talking only in Elvish. He is 7’’ tall but his hunched figure belies his true height. His fur is of blueish hue and his fangs and claws seem razor sharp.


The hulking Quaggoth was the most menacing creature the adventures met in the dungeon of Velkyvelve. It was a big surprise to the group when he addressed them in urbane Elvish. Prince Derendil exlpained to them he originated from the elven kingdom of Nelrindevane, deep in the High Forest. His crown was usurped by the evil wizard Terrestor who also cursed him to be in quaggoth form. Although Derendil behaved as his regal ancestry dictated, the group soon noticed that in the midst of battle he succumbed to the savage nature of the quaggoths. Tearing foes limb from limb and tearing their flesh apart with his sharp claws. The Prince always after any skirmish fell into tears lamenting he was losing more and more of his elvish nature as the days passed. He was last seen on the piers of Sloobludoop when the Demon lord Demongorgon appeared to lay havoc to the Kuo – Toa city.

Price Derendil

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