Shuushar the Awakened


Shuushar is a male Kuo – Toa the fishlike humanoid race. He seems calm and a lot more sane than his insane race is known for.


Shuushar the Awakened is a Kuo – Toa found in the slave pens of Velkynvelve. He is very calm seems to have accepted his fate as a future slave. He claims to be have been one of the priests of Blidoolploop in his home town of Slubludoop but that he has achieved a higher state of consciousness through pacifism. He escaped Velkyvelve with the rest of the captives and led them to his home town. He found the town divided into two factions worshiping two different gods. The known goddess Blidoolploop and the newly found diety known as Leemoogoogoon. During a ritual that intended to sacrifice the adventurers known as Frontier Sentinels a full civil war escalated between the two factions resulting in many lives lost and the full summoning of Demogorgon. Shuushar was last seen walking among the chaos and his enraged kinsmen trying to calm them down and teaching them the error of their ways.

Shuushar the Awakened

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