Stonespeaker Hgraam


The leader of the Stone Giants of Graglstugh is around 19 feet tall and very well build. His skin is gray and his eyes deep black. He is very polite and seems very wise.


Hgraam Stonespeaker is the leader of the stone giants of Gracklstugh and a cleric of Skoraeus Stonebones.

Hgraam is a capable leader for his people, known for his intelligence, diplomatic skills, and martial prowess. However, he is strict and demanding, but never cruel and his word is his bond. He does not like or trust the Council of Savants, nor they him. Hgraam despises the new ruler Horgar Steelshadow for his enormous ambition and the rumors of his involvement in the death of King Tarngardt.

Stonespeaker Hgraam

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