Cedric Stoutstaff


Middle aged human male, with white hair and a broad forehead. Average height and light build.


Little other is known about Cedric besides his former post at the royal court. Cedric Stoutstaff hails from Damara. He is in his early 50s, with a broad forehead and white hair. His eyes are keen and he always seems to take notes of things needing arrangement and staff slacking off. His underlings respect and obey him although they do call him the Uptight Owl behind his back which he knows but does not pay any heed. Cedric is very proud of his service in the royal palace of King Gareth Dragonsbane although when the retaking of castle Cardinal was made known to the royal court, he saw his chance to truly shine through his service. He offered to serve it’s new masters as the castellan, a job he believed was cut out for him. As soon as he was relieved from his duties at court, he hand picked the builders, household staff and garrison members out of many applicants and set forth to meet his new home and masters. When the castle finally came into view, Cedric opened his eyes wide. The castle was half destroyed! A lot of work and discipline was needed if this heap of rubble was to became a castle worthy of the kingdom of Damara. His surprise was even bigger when he saw his new masters. Instead of the noble knights of Damara he expected, he met with a rag tag band of every race in Faerun!!! A Half – Orc, a Dragonborn, 2 Half – Elves and a Tiefling were to be his new masters. Well, he was here to show his worth and make this castle one to be proud and envious of, and by Illmater he would do it!

Cedric Stoutstaff

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