Fargas Rumblefoot


Fargas is of typical halfing height and build. He has bright blonde hair on his head and feet and playfull blue eyes.


Fargas Rumblefoot set out with his adventuring band to find ancient treasures and glory. After encountering rumors about an ancient tomb in the Underdark his band decided to further investigate. They studied and and cross referenced scrolls and knowledge and pinpointed the tombs location. The tomb was presumably of the age of the empire of Netheryl, which caused dreams of magic and power to the whole group. Sadly, the group met the fate of many adventuring parties running headlong in the mouth of danger. After a few days in the Underdark, they fell victims to an ambush of a Gnoll hunting party who slaughtered them. With terror Fargas saw his group being devoured by the savage gnolls as he stayed hidden in the shadows. He run as fast as he could to find the exit to the surface, but his terror made him careless. One wrong step drove him on a sticky substance. He became white with horror as he discovered the substance were giant web strands. 4 giant spiders closed on him, their next meal. and spun a cocoon to put him in. They dragged him for some time and hang him, to feed on him later. He had given up hope, and when his cocoon was sliced open, he prepared to meet the halls of Garl Glittergold, his god. Instead of spider’s mandibles though he met his saviors. An adventuring party not unlike his known, though they were lucky enough to have survived so far. They were kind enough to feed him and give him provisions and a map to the surface. They sent him to their home and he gave them every information he had on the Gnolls and the temple. Fargas set out to find their castle and inform the group’s people of their fate so far.

Fargas Rumblefoot

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