Topsy and Turny


Sister and brother, Topsy and Turvy are deep gnomes. They have the characteristic dark skin color and tufts of hair on their small heads. They mostly keep to themselves with Topsy being more social and Turvy being silent.


The deep gnome siblings were meant to be sold as slaves by the Drow of Velkynvelve. Torvy, the female deep gnome was the most social of the two, while Turvy remained mostly to himself and kept mumbling and muttering. Topsy was the only one who interacted with the rest of the captives. After their escape from Velkynvelve they soon left the rest of the group to find their own way through the Underdark. When they were pressured by Filafel of the Frontier Sentinels, they confessed they were afflicted with lycanthropy. They could turn into wererats any day now and did not want to spread the curse to their newfound friends or be destroyed either.

Topsy and Turny

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